Navi Is Multi-Gaming E-Sports Association

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navi is an abbreviation to get Natus Vincere. It is Latin for”created to overcome”. The company had been founded in ’09. The teams and players of this business Contend in games such as Counterstrike: World Wide Offensive (CSGO), FIFA, Dota two, World of Tanks, League of both Legenda, Paladins, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Apex Legends.

The Counterstrike team of the business Was the first team to win three highest championships, namely Digital Sports World Cup, Intel Extreme Pros, along with earth Cyber Games 2010 all in 1 year of the calendar. The Dota two team of this organization won The worldwide 2011 along with also the organization became the most prosperous company ever in heritage.


During the year 2018, the business hit A peak. Immediately after 3 big wins at a row in ESL One Cologne 2019, the CSGO Asia Championships 2018, and StarLadder League StarSeries Season 5, then the company gained fame. Although team hasn’t been very persistent after that point, the winnings already proved the company might do some real damage within the contests if it focused.

In a significant functionality of navi in CSGO, the organization decimated the Astralis that’s rated number 1 at IEM Katowice 20 20, allowing a total of 10 rounds on two maps.


A total of 389 games have been performed by those Company, successful 217 of losing and them 148. It’s a gold trophy as well as four bronze and silver every day. It’s a KDA of all 1.3. The average OF Ratio is currently 51.4 percent, PRpercent is currently 50%, and also the HSpercent is 29.6 percent. The DPR is currently 370.6 and there certainly are always a total of 9 clutches on the title of the company. These are the statistics for the match Weplay Clutch Island. These are sufficient to understand just how good the groups of navi are and do they triumph many matches.