Find out what you have invested in Alain Duménil

Bringing up the brand of Alain Duménil is talking about a long list of businesses that expose not only the fortune, but the creativeness of this French Alain Dumenil business owner.

Alain Duménil can be a French entrepreneur given birth to on May 3, 1949 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, he received his education through the École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris, and throughout his occupation they have showed up as operator, chief executive, basic manager, director exec, manager of several organizations through which he has invested.

His label is often known as part of the board of directors of several others.

The monetary capital of Alain Dumenil has become plentiful which includes enabled him to purchase diverse market sectors, which have even practically nothing with regards to the other, he is a past banker noted for the Banco Duménil-Leblé, along with they have dedicated to the style sector.

The versatility with this businessman has achieved everything, he is well regarded for being in control of the real estate and deluxe items group of people Acanthe Développement, and also of outsourcing within the aeronautical market Advertising Industrie.

Its foray into the trend market was through the development of the Alliance Designers class, in 2002, this company obtained the luxury footwear manufacturer René Mancini. And is particularly well regarded that Alain Duménil was indicted for that fake personal bankruptcy of the Alliance Creative designers company.

Because of Alain Dumenil’s ancient expenditure behavior, it could be claimed that his approach is to unite little firms steeped in history, that contain presented some troubles, yet still ensure a future.

There is lots of income that Alain Dumenil has billed through all his organization organizations, a lot of tasks which he has produced, and also many scandals of fraudulence and tax evasion who have directed him to tough episodes in their occupation company.

As a result of his appeal for literature, this guy is taking over Editions de l’Herne, this posting home stimulates crucial essential monographs that open a varied array of creators, with very certain concepts.